Sunday, February 7, 2010

National Multiple Sclerosis Walk... A husband plea!

National Multiple Sclerosis Walk

Location:Murrieta Town Square Park

Time:7:30AM Saturday, April 10th

Sarah was diagnosed with MS last year and since that time everyday has been a challenge for our family. But I have a fighter for a wife. And she is determined to live the best life possible. It's never a good time to find out that you or someone you love has MS, but Sarah was diagnosed at... a time where she still has ...the ability to fight this disease. I'll be in her corner every step of the way. But some people don't find out until the disease has almost completely debilitated them. The people who don't have adequate insurance, or don't have a strong support system, or don't have access to assistance programs are the reason why Sarah and I have decided to get involved.

We've registered for the MS Walk because we want to do something for the people who have been diagnosed - and because we want to do everything to prevent more people from learning what it means to live with this disease. Today, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, and with a diagnosis occurring most frequently between the ages of 20 and 50, many individuals face a lifetime filled with unpredictability.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society will use funds collected from the MS Walk to not only support research for a cure tomorrow, but also to provide programs which address the needs of people living with MS today. Because we choose to walk for those who sometimes can't, because we choose to donate to the MS Walk, we are getting closer to the hour when no one will have to hear the words, "You have MS."

We want all of our friends to come and join us on the walk so that we can fight this disease and celebrate life! There is no 'entry fee' to join us on the walk. If you want to donate...great! But more than anything we just want to support Sarah and the millions of other people throughout this nation and the world who have MS. If you want to donate, sign up to join us on April 10th or just get more information, just click on the MS Walk icon on the left side of my profile page. Let's take a Step in the Right Direction. Join teaMSarah!

There's a button on the sidebar of her blog, it links to the donation page  credits our team. Feel free to use it if you'd like. Our goal is $1,000 so we can use all the help we can get.

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